Stranded 2019 will not provide transportation to/from the jamboree.

The following note to Group Commissioners went out in February:

Group Commissioners, 
Are you looking to book bus transportation to and from Camp Nor-Wes for PJ’19? 
(Friday, July 5 and Monday, July 8)
Groups must arrange their own transportation; however, you can pair up with other groups to ensure your bus is as full as possible. Exact arrival and departing times to/from Camp Nor’Wes will be provided by Camp Security (roughly arrival at 2 p.m., departure at noon).
Two companies have been contacted for quotes on a 24-seat school bus, max. capacity, 72 passengers (preferably 48 passengers). Note: The quotes are for transportation from the metro area, but this information may be of use to other groups.
Vardy’s Villa Limited (out of Clarenville) has quoted $1,800 plus HST = $2,070. This is the company used for the last two PJs.
(Dennis Vardy,
Bursey’s Taxi & Bus Services has quoted $1,695 plus HST = $1,949.25
(Evan Bursey, or 834-5510) 
Need a smaller vehicle? 
Bursey’s can also provide a 20-24 passenger mini bus for $1,195 plus HST = $1,374.25.
General notes (Both companies)
The bus will stop in Goobies for bathroom break/stretch. 
(Just a quick stop, suggest no store purchases to be made to avoid delays).
Passengers are allowed to bring their own allergy-free snacks and Scouters will ensure bus is clean before leaving.
Gear (camp duffle bags, tents) is allowed on the bus, but this will reduce the number of seats available for passengers. Gear will be stored in the back and moving forward, depending on the seats needed.

If your group books a bus, please contact Charles Cook, (  to coordinate arrival/departure times on the camp road.